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Who We Are

The NSW Neighbour Aid & Social Support Association Incorporated (NASSA) is the unfunded peak body of service providers who identify themselves as using, or having an interest in, a Neighbour Aid or Social Support service. NASSA is made up of an Executive Committee, Regional Representatives and members.

NASSA was established in 1995 by less than ten NSW Neighbour Aid Coordinators, and since then has grown. Our members are the driving force that ensures NASSA’s continuous growth and success.

The Committee consists of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and General Members. Each region has a representative who is available to assist members at a local level. The members who are elected to the Committee or as Regional Representatives accept the appointment and volunteer their time to administer the operation of the Association. It is for this reason that support for your Committee Members and Regional Representatives be maintained and their commitment be acknowledged.

What We Do

NASSA has a strong membership of community organisations working together to provide support and information, promotion and advocacy and to share resources. Social support activities are organised for the purpose of enhancing a person’s independence, well-being, and social inclusion and can include:

  • One to one support – to attend a social activity
  • Outings, social visits and meeting new people
  • Telephone based monitoring service.
  • Companionship and friendly visiting.
  • Help with shopping and meals
  • Bill paying and banking where the person is accompanied and assisted by a volunteer or paid worker.
  • Individual transport – to appointments where transport is part of the provision of social support.
  • Minor garden and home maintenance – eg changing light globes as part of one of the other social support activities.
  • Assistance with letter writing.
  • Support for Carers

Mission Statement

To promote NSW Neighbour Aid & Social Support Association Incorporated as the Peak Body for all Commonwealth Government funded social support organisations in NSW by maintaining memberships, providing support and lobbying and advocating on behalf of the members to relevant government bodies on the benefits of social support in our communities.
NASSA will:

  • Maintain the independence of the Association through membership and financial viability.
  • Provide members with support and access to individual and flexible service development.
  • Ensure the integration of the Association across the State, involving and catering for the needs of Metropolitan and Rural services.
  • Promote and develop the role of the Association as a Neighbour Aid and Social Support peak body.
  • Develop and maintain access to Government at all levels.
  • Promote and define Neighbour Aid and Social Support as a service concept worth adequate funding.

Our Vision 2017 – 2018

That all social support organisations continue to receive block funding from the Commonwealth Government beyond 2020.